The term wettability indicates the ability of an adhesive layer, spread with a notched trowel, to wet the tile (UNI EN 120004).
For determining the wetting power of adhesives for ceramic tiles and similar tiles, the standard is EN 1347.

To perform this test you need of square glass tiles of size (100 ± 1) mm x (100 ± 1) mm x (6 ± 0.5) mm, loads able to exert a force of (50 ± 0.1) N with a section of (100 ± 1) mm x (100 ± 1) mm, a notched trowel and a concrete slab. The concrete slab must comply with the UNI EN 1323, or it must have a minimum thickness of 35 mm, a lower moisture content of 3% mass, a surface absorption after 4h of between 0.5 cm3 and 1.5 cm3.

To perform such tests, we need to prepare at least 2 kg of adhesive (as determined by the manufacturer). First of all, the procedure involves inserting the liquid in the mixer, pouring the powder and mixing for 30 seconds. After mixed, remove the blade and clean it for 1 min. and then you have to mix again for another minute.

Once the adhesive is ready, it is necessary to apply a thin layer on a concrete slab with a smooth trowel. Subsequently you have to apply on it, with a notched trowel, a thicker layer with an angle of 60 ° compared to the plate.

After spreading the cementitious adhesive, the tiles have to be positioned at different time intervals, or immediately, after 5 min., 10 min., 20 min. and 30 min., by loading with a load of (50 ± 0.5) N for 30 s.

After about an hour the tiles have to be turn for determining the contact surface between the adhesive layer and the tiles in terms of the total area percentage of the same. The results will be reported as a percentage.


Material typeStandardTest method
adhesives EN 12004 EN 1347


Ability of an adhesive layer, spread with a notched trowel, to wet the tile.